8 years ago, we created the Toroso Investments Security Master to help investors analyze the full universe of ETFs.

We developed software that allows investors to build sample ETF portfolios, compare costs, and make overall more informed decisions with efficiency and ease. ETF Think Tank members with access to this tool no longer have to piece together data sets from various sources to make an investment case.

Calculate the value of active share with our Smart Cost App

Assess the key fundamentals with our ETF Portfolio builder.

Members can evaluate their portfolio overlap, active share and delta positions.

Our ETF Concentration App allows you to access risk and diversification.

Our ETF Security Master allows members to research any category of ETFs.

Customized position attribution available to our members in our portfolio builder.

Our Ownership Influence App allows members to understand the impact of ETF growth on specific equities.

Search for tax-swaps and new investments with our ETF comparison tool.

Our Portfolio Builder helps visualize the impacts of duration.