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  • Wrapping Up a Year of ETF Innovation December 21, 2022
    This past year may go down as one of the most challenging market years in recent memory, but for the ETF industry it was yet another year of interesting product innovation and asset creation. Our weekly tracking of the ETF industry (in the KPIs below) has shown throughout this year that new ideas keep on […]
  • ETF Industry KPI December 19, 2022
    Week of December 12, 2022 KPI Summary This week, the industry experienced 10 ETF launches and 1 closure, shifting the 1-year Open-to-Close ratio to 2.91 and total US ETFs to 3,091. During this Holiday season, Americans spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on gifts for friends and family. If there was a time to highlight […]
  • 2023 ETF Think Tank Solution December 14, 2022
    The Most Anticipated Recession on Record It is difficult to be optimistic about the investment outlook for 2023, but as Raul Pal points out, this is the most anticipated recession on record. The list of risks and unknowns are high. To name a few in no particular order, (1) cost of capital is a function […]